Commissioned art

The old town hall in Thisted
Thisted, DK – 2014


B3 sailcloth lamps

New loft gallery in the newly renovated historic building. In collaboration with Real Dania



Textile designer Annemette Bech

Aarhus, DK – 2014



Knitted Metal Sculpture on Leaf-Gold Wall


The Regional Council Chamber

Viborg, DK – 2006


The Ceiling

Commission won in prequalification round and ordered by the Regional Council in Viborg.

400 m2 round ceiling decoration on brown fire retardant sail cloth decorated with gold-, silver & copper-leaves, oil crayons & optical fibers. Implemented in  cooperation with Architects SHL, Aarhus, DK



Danisco A/S

Edwin Rahrsvej, Aarhus, DK – 2004



Decoration to the entrance area. In collaboration with Architects SHL, Aarhus, DK. Recycled slate stones on silver leaf coated MDF


Vipp A/S

Cph. DK – 2002/2004



4 textile pieces & a moulded paper jar with copper leaf inner side



Aarhus Tech

Aarhus, DK – 1997


Alfons Aaberg & His Dad 

Commissioned by the City Council of Aarhus and chosen in a pre-qualification round. The work consists of two panels the largest on 600 x 80 cm connects two levels. Weaving technique with 16 mm film strips from a children’s film on warp of side-radiant optical fibers




Skejby University Hospital

Aarhus, Denmark – 1996


Decoration of stairway area on Department Y at Skejby University Hospital – chosen in a pre-qualification round. One large woven piece of 24 m2 and a smaller one with light placed on a curved wall



Testrup Hoejskole

Maarslet, DK – 1994



Land Art – originally placed on the large lawn and later moved to the front of a new music- & theatre hall designed by Architect SHL, Aarhus, DK




Commissioned Art

Before a decoration is done and the champagne is flowing there has been a large and carefully planned process with clarification of overall factors such as economics,

transport, climate, durability, cleaning, risk of vandalism, cooperation, time factors, responsibility, etc.

When it’s in place, the creative process for the artist begins – in Birgit Østergaard’s case, it always happens in close dialogue with the architect and the client.

Usually, a model of the space / area is being worked out, based on careful review of the overall architecture, drawings, use of the building, history and the visions of architect and client. In addition, financial management and compliance with time spent in relation to delivery of the completed project. All processes require diligence, precision and a creative perspective.

 Artistic practice

Artistic Practice in commissioned art by Birgit Østergaard originates from the daily work in the studio and is an ongoing process – almost like working in a laboratory.

“Inspiration can come from anywhere but I tend to work my way into a material and a theme to the point where I really know what I’m dealing with – in all aspects. In commissioned art, the ideas usually arise in dialogue with the architect and the customer, but the ways and ways of creativity are not always easy to control in a fairly open process” – she says.

Artistic expression

In recent years, Birgit Østergaard immersed herself in the development of an artistic expression with high-tech lighting equipment such as RGB-controlled LEDs and fiber optics.

The construction of conceptual sculptures and two-dimensional works where the colors originate from the electric light are to express a modernity of universal character. Objects equipped with light seem to have more lives due to the rhythmically changing daylight and as such the work is perceived as a constant pulsating stream of moments.

“What would I feel if I dropped past sometime tonight?” – she says.