About Birgit Østergaard

BIRGIT OESTERGAARD is a Danish designer specializing in sculptural lighting. The philosophy behind the products is that humans are creative and have a congenital need to manipulate their surroundings. The unique, handmade lamps are appealing to cooperation between designer and user, and in just this community, a modern and evolving product is created. Our customers are design-conscious consumers, who wish to influence their interior by bringing an additional dimension to the domestic lighting.


Danish artist

Danish designer Birgit Oestergaard also works as an artist and her art is exhibited internationally. Hints of both humour and irony from Birgit’s art are represented in the illuminated clouds, icebergs, rivers and pillows and her comprehensive knowledge of materials plays an important role in the ongoing product development. New products and different materials are always on the drawing board – All for the single purpose of being able to provide our customers the very best from Danish design.


Danish design

The production and sales take place in BIRGIT OESTERGAARD’s studio in Aarhus. Gathering all of the operation in one place ensures high quality and fewer errors in production as well as in the order processing.  It is thorough and detailed craftwork, and as such an example of the possibility for buying Danish design, produced in Denmark to very reasonable prices.


Where Art Meets Design

The webshop is established in order to provide our customers with the best possible service through a direct contact. We know all about the products we have designed and therefore we can provide the best service and guidance. We are manufacturing the design products ourselves, and thus, we have a thorough knowledge of them. Internet shopping is a matter of trust, and our vision is to establish personal relationships with our customer thereby putting a face on not only our lighting designs, but also on our brand.