4 Seasons – 2018

  • Media: Wall Sculpture/Installation
  • Dimension: H: 190 cm x W: 160 x D: 17 cm
  • Technique: Fiber content/handmade paper
  • Material: Hand-made iron-thread skeleton parts covered with handmade paper, polished oil crayon, organic glue, warm white- & blue LEDs, led driver, 2.50m cord with plug

Piedra de la Sangre – 2017

  • Media: Wall Hung Sculpture
  • Dimension: H: 155; W: 75; D: 20 cm
  • Material: Molded Paper, Oxidized Fake Gold Leaf, Red Paper Yarn
  • Technique: Textile/Mixed Media

Stone, Paper, Scissors – 2016

  • Media: Sculpture/installation
  • Dimension: L: 140 cm x W: 90 x H: 47
  • Material: Molded hand-made recycled paper, recycled metal support, oil-painting
  • Technique: Textile





Mothers Potholder – 2016

  • Three-dimensional wall-hung/free hanging artwork
  • Dimension: H: 320; W: 120; D: 55 cm
  • Technique: Finger-knit
  • Material: Paper yarn, gold plated rings


Shame on you – 2016

  • Media: Wall hung sculpture
  • Material: 2.5mm annealed iron thread, polished aluminum balls
  • Technique: Textile/finger-knit
New-borders-old-story-detail (1000x1500)

New Borders

Old Story – 2015

  • Media: Free hanging sculpture
  • Material: 2.5 mm annealed iron thread, silk & metal material, brass tubes
  • Technique: Textile/Finger-knit
  • Hanging support: Steel wire


The free-hanging piece is a commentary on an Europe of borders and fences with the intention of preventing migration


Medusa – 2015

  • Media: Sculpture/installation (free hanging object)
  • Dimension: H: 143 x W: 55 x D: 30 cm
  • Material: Industrial wrapping band
  • Technique: Textile/knit


Body – 2014

Part of the Series World of Knit

  • Media: Sculpture/installation (wall piece)
  • Dimension: H: 80 x W: 55 x D: 27 cm
  • Material: Dismantled annealed copper wire
  • Technique: Textile/finger-knit

Scarf – 2014

  • Media: Sculpture/installation (wall piece)
  • Dimension: H: 145 x W: 90 x D: 15 cm
  • Material: Dismantled, tinned copper sock
  • Technique: Textile/finger-knit

Circles Dance – 2013

  • Media: Sculpture/installation (floor piece)
  • Dimension: L: 180 x W: 180 x D: 20 cm
  • Material: Rubber bike tubes
  • Technique: Textile/tube hand-knit
  • Support: Heavy metal thread, foam

Ball of Yarn – 2013

  • Media: Sculpture/installation
  • Dimension: Ø 53 cm
  • Material: Dismantled annealed copper wire
  • Technique: Textile/ mixed media

Golden Calf – 2013

  • Media: Sculpture, free hanging piece
  • Dimension: L 180 x W 23 x H 85 cm
  • Material: Rubber bike tubes, fake gold leaf, brass tube
  • Technique: Textile/tube hand-knit

Warriors – 2012

  • Media: Sculpture
  • Dimension: H: 150 x W: 150 x D: 120 cm
  • Material: Cut discarded bike tubes, metal support
  • Technique: Hand knit


Warriors has its inspiration from the crusaders whom clad in coats of mail and armed to the teeth had to experience the truth of how vulnerable they were.

From this perspective Warriors is a comment on any war fought anywhere on earth for the sole purpose of disseminating the Western world´s understanding of what democracy and freedom consist of




My artistic practice aims to build a subtle exchange between unconventional non-textile materials and textile techniques with the intention to challenge the traditional distinction between arts and crafts.

The process is a continuous exploration of the relationship between the physical properties of a particular material, its objective characteristics and potential for use in an artistic communication of an idea in the terms of sculptures/installations ordering or a gallery presentation.

My work evolves from extensive material science and years of fascination with their inherent beauty and specific possibilities – whether it’s discarded things, different industrial fabrics and high-tech lighting equipment. Material, form and expression are combined in a creative, intuitive process, including surface treatment with glue, paint, etc.


Having the opportunity to work with my artistic expression has increased my interest in the individual’s historical, cultural and economic position in modern society, where topics like violence, greed and lack of acceptance of other cultures and religions play a major role.

The use of embedded high-tech elements in several of my works expresses different emotions from silent meditative immersion to neck breaking speed and powerful colors that change character in interaction with daylight rhythm and, in some cases, can be controlled by the viewer.

Textile sculptures

Among other media Birgit Østergaard often uses a textile technique to create a complex and understated artistic expression. The materials used may be composed of non-textile materials such as rubber, metal, plastic, annealed recycled copper, handmade paper etc.

The finger-knitted sculptures have a strong textile resonance and are perceived as fragile – almost graphic objects, evolving from a single thread. The newer wall-mounted sculptures are constructed of hand-made paper mounted on hand-wound parts of iron wire.