Sail Cloth Lamps

Birgit Østergaard specializes in sculptural lighting and sailcloth lamps was the first real commercial product and fits well into the brand’s headline:

”Where art meets design”

during installing a sail cloth ceiling at a customer’s office, the designer slipped – literally – on a piece of canvas, lying on the floor. She took it home to the workshop and in the following years she designed the sailcloth lamps, called the little family and today represents the backbone of the designer’s portfolio.

Sail cloth is very suitable for lighting. It has a fine light refraction, is very robust and does not turn yellow. A characteristic feature of Birgit’s sail cloth lamps is the fully – or nearly closed forms, most often carried out at zippers closures.

Another feature is the ability to style the lamps over and over again and the new design is permanent until next trip with the vacuum cleaner, where it may / may not – again get a different expression. Birgit Østergaard’s sail cloths lamps are a good example of individuality and personal choice of style and expression in the home.

Veneer Lamps

Our veneer lamps are a category with only 3 lamps – Alba, supplied in white ash and Gamma in two variants – black and white ash. Veneer is a natural material consisting of very thin – almost transparent layers of wood, sewn together to larger surfaces, after which it is usually used as a surface coating for furniture and doors. The material can be braided, bent and shaped and was therefore a natural choice of material for a further development of Birgits artistic sculptural-organic designs – here unfolded in a non-textile material.

Our veneer is designed specifically for us and consists of 2 joined layers with different fiber orientation. This technique extends the life of the material and is a prerequisite for the durability of the design.

Special edition

The category shows lamps, produced in small series of 3-5 pieces. Each design tells a story about what Birgit Østergaard is experimenting with at a given time – e.g. which products / objects / works of art are the basis for the specific choices in terms of materials, technology and inspiration. The context will be found on the art pages where you will be able to recognize both techniques and materials.

Each lamp represents a piece of crafts of high quality, signed and numbered.

In all workshops, there is a huge waste of ideas, trials and processes. It is always hard to decide whether the tests can carry all the way to the shopping cart, but we believe that the products in our special editions could decorate any home.

The Special design category reflects a desire to share my world with our customers, and since my world mostly consists of material- and technical samples, it’s worth trying to pass it on – enjoy.