Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Birgit Østergaard takes a great deal of care in ensuring that information which is obtained about you is treated appropriately. We will not pass on or sell your personal information to any third parties. All information is stored securely and is only accessible to trusted employees.

The electronic payment system in our web shop is secure and encrypted.

The shop system uses cookies to manage the contents of your basket. A cookie is simply the name of a file stored on your own PC. It is also possible to ask the system to save your address details for the next visit in our shop. If you want later to delete this information, this can be done via browser settings. In Internet Explorer, for example via the “Tools” menu and menu item “Internet Options”.

During a purchase we ask for your name, address, telephone number and email address. This information is used solely to process your order. Information reported will be stored electronically in encrypted form for 1 year. The purchase agreement is not stored in Birgit Østergaard in a manner so that it can be referenced later. In addition, we record an IP address from any purchase made. The information is normally not used, but can be used in connection to a police investigation. All fraudulent orders are reported to the police.

On request we gladly inform you about your personal data that we have registered in out system. Upon request, this data will be deleted, of course.

As a registered user, you have the right to know that Birgit Østergaard collects and processes your personal data. See above for your personal data.

You also have the right to know how we process your data.

If we process incorrect data, you have the right to correct this information.

You have the right to obtain erasure of personal data if we do not have a legal basis for the processing of such data and you can file a request asking us to erase this data to the extent that you think we retain such data.

If you think we are processing your data for marketing purposes and that we are not entitled to do so, you can object to this and it is our obligation to make a decision in regard to your objection.

You have the right to ask for a copy of your personal data in a format that allows transfer to a different service provider or supplier. We can only hand over personal data digitally if they are available in such a format.

If we process your data on the basis of your consent, you are – as registered user – entitled to withdraw your consent at any time.

We shall, in connection, inform you that we may rely on a different legal basis for continuing to process your data. In that event, we reserve the right to process any data to the extend that it complies with applicable law.

If you think that we have failed to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation while processing your personal data or in any other manner acted against the regulation, you have the right to file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency. See for more information about the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Data Protection

We have adopted the following organisational technical measures on our IT platform with the aim to protecting your personal data.

  • Antivirus on all IT systems that process personal data.
  • Backup of all IT systems that process personal data.
  • Use of branch-specific IT systems for processing activities.
  • Non-disclosure agreements with employees, who need to process personal data.

If you have any questions, please contact Birgit Østergaard, Kystvejen 65, 3. Tv, DK-8000 Aarhus C, e-mail: