Gamma Veneer Pendant – black ash/white ash


Gamma is a veneer pendant, where form and material to a great extent is complementary. The beautiful lamp is made of 2 layers of veneer – a light inner side for reflection of the light and a dark ash for the exterior. The natural openings in the design provide concentrated light over the table, a soft light to the environment and reflection from the ceiling. Gamma invites for togetherness around the table and is suitable for customers, who love timeless design and natural materials with long life.

The lamp is handmade and is delivered assembled with a clear, round cable and canopy to hide the joints at the ceiling. The surface is treated with lye, white petrolatum oil and sanding down with fine sandpaper.

Cleaning is done by vacuuming with a soft brush. Wiping off must be done with a cloth wrung out without soap. An annual retreatment with white petrolatum oil prolongs the beautiful surface of the veneer.


Materials: Light ash for the inner side and black ash for the exterior, clear, round cord, stainless metal bracket and canopy

NB: Please note that the black ash reduces the overall light from the lamp

Dimension: Ø: 60 cm. H: 35 cm

Max: 75W Sylvania Hi-Spot E27

Optional Extras 75W Sylvania Hi-Spot E27



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