LED light chain with transparent cable


LED light chain with transparent cable

Our quality light chain with 50 LED bulbs is suitable for the wall lamp B5. Although the chain has long-life it’s nice to have a spare one on stock. LED bulbs provide warm white light and all parts are tested before delivery.

When fitting a new chain, please open all the zippers in the B5 and carefully pull out the metal bar at the top of the lamp. Notice how the old chain is mounted and mount the new one in the same manner. Finally mount the metal bar through the 3 top slots – remember to loop the cord over the bar to keep the chain  in place. Now your beautiful wall lamp is as good as new.


Transparent cable with 50 LED bulbs and white transformer, which is stored in the lower part.

Long life of approx. 50,000 hours.

Power: 50×0.05Watt, 230 – 240volt.



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