Wall Lamp B4 – luminous pillow with dimmer


Wall B4 is here fitted with clear cord-set with dimmer switch allowing for unique moods in the room from quiet pink till clear reading light.

The design is inspired by the softest pillow and the connection to Nordic design is clearly reflected in the luminous wall sculpture.

Originally the sculptural lamp was part of an installation shown in the Art Building in Aarhus. Over the following years the piece changed from being an actual art object becoming a lighting product.

The sculptural lamp adds a soft romantic lighting to the room without glare and the completely closed design makes it ideal for LED or other energy saving bulbs. The design is uncomplicated and filled with humor and acts as a luminous sculpture on the wall.

The square screen can be styled according to your personal liking and is mounted on a bracket of stainless steel.

The lamp is delivered assembled ready for mounting on the wall bracket.

The bulb is changed through the zipper at the bottom and cleaning is carried out by vacuuming with a soft brush or wiping with a damp cloth with soap and water. Stubborn stains can be removed using a nail brush and soap.



Dimension: 56 x 56 x 20cm

E27 white socket

Clear cord-set with dimmer switch

Stainless steel wall bracket

White interior metal screen

Max: 40W/11W LED

Additional materials: Canvas/sail cloth, zipper




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